Progressive Quebeckers Should Vote PQ

Has the PQ erred by not having an English version of their website? Yes, obviously. Is the premier of Alberta and the the Republican USA candidate more bilingual than Pauline Marois, head of the PQ? Yup.

But the fact is, if you believe in social democracy, pro-French nationalism notwithstanding, the PQ is the party for you. 

Skip to s'entraider. There is no other political party in Canada that represents the dreams and aspirations of progressives as does the Parti Québécois. The PQ is a North American progressive's wet dream. 

I urge you Quebeckers to give generously to the PQ and, at the very least, vote for them. I think that we can all agree that the English language is here to stay in the Island of Montreal, the Eastern Townships and in the Pontiac. But healthcare and education?

Vote PQ. Please. 

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