It is About the Language, Dummy

Should speak English Or French to work here
This is an open letter to Jason Kenny, Canada's federal minister of immigration.

"Skill labour" Immigrants need to understand and speak English or French. I don't care about their success in Canada. They need to understand me when they call my call centre for help.

Immigrants who don't speak the language are a constant annoyance. I'm not completely intolerant, refugees escaping war and persecution obviously don't need to stop en-route to take English classes. But if we ask immigrants for copies of their university degrees, then we should expect them to speak a language that will let them integrate Canadian society with minimal annoyance to Canadians. 

Living in an other country isn't easy. Culture shock can be real. Did you know there are no tax return forms to fill out in the UK or that you can take as many sick days as you want? I learned that by living in England and Northern Ireland. I speak English. It never occurred to me to try out Germany of Italy. I DON'T SPEAK ITALIAN OR GERMAN! 

"Skilled immigrants" who don't speak English or French should be turned down based on bad judgement. They escaped war, are moving here to be close to their grand kids or fell in love? Fine. Everybody else: learn the language or stay the fuck out! 

4 extra points for language is not enough. 

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