Nexus Security Line Jumping is Anti-Social

Queue jumping is anti-social behaviour. Yet our federal government
is sanctioning the behaviour by allowing Nexus card holders to jump
the line-up at airport security. No, not just customs and immigration,
airport security!

Unlike at the border, Nexus card holders have the same security
procedures as the rest of us. A Nexus card holder is just as time
consuming at airport security as a traveler using a driver's license.
In other words, because of Nexus security queue jumpers, everybody
else in line has to wait longer!

A Nexus card is $50 and good for 5 years, so for once we can't say
this specifically benefits rich people.

However, the VIP Nexus cards clearly benefit Southern-Ontarians and
Vancouverites. Few rational Albertans would have one. Ditto
Monctonians. The main benefit to having your eyes and finger tips
scanned (in order to get your Nexus card) is driving in those special
lanes at the border. Even better, in Niagara Falls, an entire bridge
is dedicated to Nexus holders.

At the border, Nexus holder zip through customs and immigration. They
actually make the process faster for everybody, as less time is spent
on them. Folks with criminal records and known duty evaders and fruit
exporters are bared from the Nexus program. But at airport security in
Canada, people with a Nexus card (citizens of the US, Canada and some
landed immigrants) are just as likely to bomb a plane as anybody else.

The Air India bomber could have had a Nexus card. Same for that
Quebecker angry at his wife (so he bombed her plane).

In Moncton, if you are unlucky, there might be 5 people waiting in the
fast moving security line. But the federal government says if you are
a jerk from Ontario, you can now use your Nexus card to pass those 5
people and make them wait while you take off your shoes and loosen
your belt buckle.

Even worse, Nexus holders arriving at Moncton from New York City (the
only international flight) can't even jump the queue at customs and

(I defy anybody to profitably import anything of interest to Canadian
immigration and customs via Newark).

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