You could argue the use of Black people people in this video is code for "plenty of illegal stuff here". So it is ironic that convicted embezelor  Kim Dotcom wants Americans to vote Republican.

No mention of Kim Dotcom's (formerly Kim Schmitz) criminal past in this interview.

If Black pirates used Megaupload, their gay equivalent used Oron.com. That company was recently sued into oblivion by a gay porn site.

The question is, who will take down Microsoft's Sky Drive? Or is it safe because it is American? Althought Google and their Youtube service is American, and they have had plenty of problems with content producers, including illegal take down requests.

Filesonic is out of the filesharing business. Say what you want about pirates using filesharing services, there clearly is a need for that type of service, as many people still try to send large files via email.

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