I love Dynamic View... When It Works

Dynamic View, Google's newest templates (11 months old) simply don't work all the time. Imagine having cool new light-bulbs that didn't always turn on. Sometimes the pages load correctly, sometimes they don't load at all. And who knows why.

After a Summer of impressive page views, I've given up. No way that many people have switched to Google Chrome. The fact is, Dynamic Views exclude a giant chunk of Internet users. And I'm not cool with that (even though Dynamic Views are cool).

So I've had to admit defeat and revert to one of the non-dynamic views. For the dynamic view lovers out there, I've made it easy to view this blog in the seven dynamic view options (my favourites are Mosaic and Snapshot). This compromise isn't perfect, but they never are, are they?

On the plus side, I now can obsess about Sitemetre stats again. I can also use my beloved gadgets like the sunlight one. The down side is you can't link to specific articles in Dynamic view, or view any of the gadgets when in Dynamic view. Oh well. 

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