My Favourite Custom j.mp

j.mp or bit.ly .Now that Khadafy is dead, you can use both. Here are some of my favourite shortened urls (I thought I had a clever one for iPhone5, but I guess not.).

Photo is from Norway in Google Streetview. 

-Nuclear Aftershocks On Frontline: http://j.mp/sector7g
-Jessica Paré jure en câlice à Mad Men: http://j.mp/zoubisou
-Don't Mention the M Word: http://j.mp/Horny2012
-Iran Should Get The Bomb: http://j.mp/Iranbomb
-Canada Should Ban Pets: http://j.mp/banpets
-HP Communities - More TouchPads on the Way - HP Communities:  http://j.mp/HPflop
-Seach iRobot, But Do Not Search iRoboto: http://j.mp/seachirobot
-Tarifa, Spain to Nordkapp - Google Maps: http://j.mp/Tarifa-NorthCape
-Companies eye the ocean to move their goods as new Portland ship service opens: http://j.mp/Boston-Portland-Halifax
-Maine ready for Canadian tourists — Maine Outdoors — Bangor Daily News: http://bit.ly/OOBeach
-How to spot a psychopath | Jon Ronson | Books | The Guardian: http://bit.ly/spotapsychopath
-Give Canada a Shake, Vote NDP: http://bit.ly/ShakeCanada
-Charmaine Noronha Fails at Math: http://bit.ly/Charmaine_Noronha
-iPad mania hits planet, queues everywhere. Why? - Computerworld Blogs: http://bit.ly/iPadPerDay
-Obvious NY Times Paywall Hack: http://bit.ly/nytpaywall
-AJE - Al Jazeera English: http://bit.ly/zeera
-Sun Exclusive videos | The Sun |Video: http://bit.ly/MurdockBoobs
-The Canadian Hulu , For Canadian Eyes Only: http://bit.ly/hulucan
-ALTAVISTAGOOGLE: http://bit.ly/ipadhdtv
-HESEG Foundation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: http://bit.ly/NotHamas
-Abolish the Monarchy in Canada: http://bit.ly/RoiNonMerci
-Sim Stapler app: http://bit.ly/iPadPEI
-Search results for ipod touch: http://bit.ly/iPadfromApple
-Jacmel Haiti Caribbean coast beach worst resorts holidays: http://bit.ly/Jacmel-Haiti
-Skiff Reader: The Largest Yet Thinnest eBook Reader to Date - Skiff reader - Gizmodo: http://bit.ly/SkiffReader
-WMTC , Twitter Version: http://bit.ly/wmtc-blogspot-com
-Big show's buzz back - thestar.com: http://bit.ly/thestarCES

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