ZOS: I am a fan

If you aren't watching ZOS (zone of separation), on TMN, you are
missing out.

Inteligent escapism. Contains nudity. All good dramas should include
good female nudity. ZOS does it right too with the female star showing
off her brests on the first show (and only on the first show).

Thereafter it is like, wow, I've seen her naked.

All kidding asside, ZOS is like MASH meets The Beachcombers. It is
almost cheasy, could sometimes be classicaly bad Cancon, but it works.

I was sucked in by the nudity, I stayed for the good drama (and
occasional laugh).

The show gets extra points for the setting (Boznia/Croatia/Serbia) and
the acting (with a few comical exceptions).

One of the comical exceptions would be the UN special envoy, suposidly
American, who couldn't possibly sound more Canadian. Dito for the
French guy. Pepé Lepue had a better French accent.

However, since I don't speak Croate/Serbian/Hertzniagoven, the locals
are quit believable. The Christian leader has me totally convinced,
even though it occurred to me the other day that she isn't from that

I also really like the guy from Liverpool who runs the local pub/
petty crime outlet.

An other character, the grenade launching speedo wearing Christian
rebel, is completely over the top, but quite likeable.

Pardon the superbolia, but let me call ZOS the best Canadian military
TV war drama of the century. And no separatists were offended...

ZOS, Zone Of Separation, airs at various times on TMN (and, I believe,
on the Western Canada equivalent).

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