Time To Expand Canada Again

The end of March will mark the 60th anaversary of Newfoundland joining
Canada. 52% chose Canada vs. Independance (the poor soles were being
kicked out of the UK.)

The first 100 years of Canada saw a massive expantion of the borders
at the expense of the British.

Apart from Gilbraltar, the UK no longer has any territories of
interest to Canada (although Northern Ireland could be a candidate if
they start killing each other again). So time to think outside
WASPland. How about Greenland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Turks and
Caicos or Jamaica?

All these countries have a combined population lower than Quebec's,
but all the popular regions have already been taken. Then again, high
unemployment Alaska might like to join Canada. Dito Michigan. Ohio?

Or Canada could do like France and go intercontinental. Surely the 2
million people of NewZealand must be tired of all the inbreeding. 18
million people Australia would be a big bight, but at least they speak
English. Perhaps Tuvalue or one of the soon to be flooded island
countries of the Pacific?

Western Africa would be cool, no longer would we have to fork over all
that extra cash for blood free Polar Bear Diamonds.

What I'm saying is Canada is in a 60 year frozen rut, time to expand.

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1 comment:

Life Insurance Broker said...

Funny article! Canada sure could use some new ground not covered with ice and snow most of the year...haha. Buying couple islands in Caribbean would be very nice. Although with the sea level rising not the smartest idea for the future.

Take care, Lorne


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