No to High Speed Rail But Yes to Toilet Paper

Many people (including the Toronto Star) have been advocating High
Speed Rail between Montreal and Toronto.

Never mind that StatsCan figures Canada's population will essentially
stagnate over the next 20 years. Or that many Canadians in 2030 will
be retired and not in a hurry to get from A to B.

No, the main argument against a Canadian TGV is toilet paper. Toilet
paper? You see, Morocco is going to build a TGV. The thing is, the 30
million Moroccans don't use toilet paper. No bidet either. They use
their left hand!

I figure a Toronto-Montreal high spead train, with costs spread over
20 years, would each year cost Canadian taxpayers the equivalent of
their yearly toilet paper budget.

The French have bidets AND TGVs, you say? True. But Paris is covered
in dog poop. Ottawa cleans their streets and sidewalks every night.
But there is no high speed train to Montreal...

Priorites, people, priorities!

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