Americans Finally Realise Toronto Sucks

***Disclaimer, I am writing this with a massive fever. I could boil
water. Next year I'm getting the flue shot.***

My favorite blogger to tease, http://www.wmtc.ca , has finally
realised that her city of adoption, Mississauga / Toronto, totally
sucks. Finally!

She came to this conclusion after visiting California. However, as
much as I dislike Toronto, it is way better than L.A. You know that
movie Roadrunner? That future Lost Angels would be better than the
horrible city L.A. is.

The rest of California is pretty ossom. However, one shouldn't compare
the best of California with the worst of Ontario. That is just silly.

I've often mused that, in January, everybody who wants to come to
Canada should be let in, as long as they have a return ticket for the
end of March. The idea would be that anybody who still wants to live
in Canada after that wintry introduction should be able to stay.
However, more than one African has told me they loved their first
winter in Canada because winter was so beautiful...

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