Most Britons have lied about the books they read


2,3 million Brits have lied about reading Dreams of My Father (margin
of error, 1 million people).

Thankfully, I can tell the truth about reading two of the top 9:
Dreams of My Father and War and Peace.

Both are excrutiatingly boring. So the question should have been "what
books have you lied about finishing?".

Because I have read both. Finished? Not so much. Although in my
defence, I already knew the ending of Obama's book (spoiler alert: he
lives hapil
y ever after).

My excuse in the case of War and Peace is that I'm not gay. And by the
way, you'd think a book set in Russia with that kind of title would
have a freeking war in it? Or a least a sword fight or KGB

If you do want to read a book about leaders and war and peace, try
Paris 1919, by Canadian (insert name here).

That book was given to George Bush by Paul Martin. I wonder if George
W. lied about reading it.

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