Short and Sweet: the Genious of Twitter

Twitter is a news junkie's dream. Sure the news isn't always as "important" as the conflicts of the Middle East, but news is news when you are a junky. 

I've been avoiding Twitter because I really didn't care about people standing in line, eating dinner or worse, their bowel movements. But I missed the point: You have control over who you follow.

And if you read twitter on a computer or your iPhone (vs text messages on your cell phone), irelevant posts are extreemly easy to gloss over. Kind of like scanning newspaper articles.

Posts are short. But they often link to pictures or web sites if you are interested in further reading. In addition, some times posts are part of a conversation. And as long as you aren't using the mobile version of Twitter, you can easely follow the conversation.

Twitter intergrates the best of Pointcast, newsgroups, Myspace and Blogger. With the exception of Pointcast (which is dead, people now use agragators such as Yahoo News or Google News), Twitter doesn't necessaraly replace these services, it inhances them.

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