Twitter Trends: Genious

Twitter trends is amazing. And you don't have to register or anything.
In a few minutes I'll post an app on this site so you don't even have
to go to www.twitter.com. Stay tuned to
www.altavistagoogle.blogspot.com for all your market trend needs.

Things I have discovered using "trends" in the last 24 hours:

-Formula One Racing and Twitter are popular in Brazil.

-People actually whatch golf.

-There are alot of Vancouver hockey fans.

-Even though I'm a TV adict, there are plenty of popular shows that I
have never heard of.

- Brits changed time today and not 3 weeks ago like the civilized world.

- F1 is not available in HD. And plenty of people are confused as to

I have to admit, I approach Twitter trends with apreantion. Should I
believe the mob if they start writing that the aliens are coming, the
aliens are coming!?

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