If Israel Occupied Your Province, Would You Fight?

If Israel Occupied Your Province, Would You Fight?

If you are Canadian, Israel occupying your province is a tad improbable. So imagine that an other country was occupying your corner of the world, say the US or Russia or, worse, France! Imagine that you didn't like the country in the first place, even before they started occupying your province.

You're no hero. The occupation was probably deserved. You are surrounded by violent morons who need to be controlled. But imagine the occupation has lasted 40 years! Imagine that you still have no citizenship rights in the country that occupies your province.

Would you fight? 

I think Canada should put an end to Israel's occupation of the West Bank. Canada should occupy Israel. 

Before Canada invades Israel, Canada should promise to defend Israel (possibly via NATO) if Israel leaves the occupied territories and is attacked.

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