Like Castro, I am Looking Forward to Ted Rogers Kicking the Bucket

Alternative Title: Ted Rogers, dead at 75; good riddance.

75 year old Ted Rogers, controlling shareholder of Rogers (you can't vote with those class B shares, you simpletons) has been running Rogers like Castro runs Cuba: without any input from customers or employees. Granted, Bell, like the USA, is widely held and, from a shareholder perspective, much more democratic. Is Bell better than Rogers?

Ted will probably die soon; he is "stabilised" according to a Rogers press release. "Stabilised" is the political correct term for "almost dead" but still alive enough to fire the guy who is writing this press release.

So why am I looking forward to Ted Rogers dying? Because he has all my money. I give money every freaking month to that guy (granted, at least it isn't every week like to the Westons). You can read about the implications of the death of Canada's second richest man here , but keep in mind you will make Canada's richest man a tad richer in the process (Thompson owns Reuters). For your sanity, I suggest the Atkins diet (so you stop eating as much bread and therefore not make the Westons richer. Jees, do I have to explain everything?).

So why will the death of Ted Rogers be beneficial to humanity? Because Ted Rogers is evil. Service Activation Fee evil. Digital Access Fee evil. Fake 911 surcharge evil. Competitively priced home phone, that have a system access fee! Competitive long distance rates, with monthly charges! Now that is evil. Has he improved the condition of workers with all that money? No. Salaries at Rogers are lower, lower!!!, than they were 10 years ago! Not adjusted for inflation lower, just plain lower!

I'm not suggesting Ted Rogers broke the law. Just that he exploited and misled his way to 7.2 billion dollars of OUR money. But you can't get rich by playing nice. And nobody has ever accused Ted Rogers of being a nice guy.

Ted, may you burn in Hell with Fidel.*

*According the Chris Rock's latest HBO special (available on TMN on demand, only available on Rogers), it is OK for poor people like me to make fun of / insult rich people. The more shit you have, the less shit you can say. If you want to say more shit, you got to get rid of some of your shit. For rich people to insult the poor, well, that would just be mean

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