University Dropout Jason Kenney Gets Rebuked By Courts

Jason Kenney, Canada's minister of citizenship and immigration, dropped out of philosophy studies at University of San Francisco. A cabinet minister without a university degree? Even the Harper Conservatives can do better. 

His latest tough on refugees law has been rebuked by the courts. A degree is no grantee of competence in any field. However, when you drop out of philosophy, you better get good a making me coffee. Please leave policy decisions to others, or lawyers will take advantage of us all.  

From what I understand (remember, a degree is no guarantee of competence), the section struck down was not one that was created by the Harper Conservatives (although Kenney was immigration minister in 2009 during the alleged offence that lead to the court case). However, the legislation was  subsequently amended by Jason Kenney, with the offending section intact (His predecessor was Diane Finley, who holds a Masters of Business Administration). 

An other university dropout mistake?

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