Absinthe Minded Olivia Munn

I watched the Cabin episode of New Girl (City in Canada, Hulu in the USA) with Olivia Munn drinking absinthe. My thought when I watched her jug some of the mystical drink: "what, you're not burning a cube of sugar!?"

Rogers to the rescue. The free documentary "Absinthe", currently streemable on Rogers on Demand, explains that the 1990s Czech trend of burning sugar into your drink was a gimmick invented by post-communist entrepreneurs. In some Prague bars, they'd light your drinks on fire (an effective way of burning the excess alcohol when you don't have water to dilute it). You don't even need sugar at all if you are drinking a quality absinthe. 

Anyway, turns out Absinthe was a popular drink in France when wine became expensive and soldiers returned from Algeria where the army used absinthe to disinfect the water. It was declared legal in the USA, wait for it, in 2007!

I was about to cross the street to the liquor store (I chose my apartment when it was a parking lot, honest), when I realized Alcohol NB doesn't sell it! At least, that is what their web site says. The Nova Scotia Liquor Commission lists one brand, but non of the stores I searched have it stocked. 

So what is the solution? I don't have to drink at home. I am willing to go out. Where in the Maritimes can I get a glass of abstinthe!

Update: 2013-02-19
Olivia Munn nip slip in Attack of the Show (Not safe for work):



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