National Strategy on Using the Word Federal Instead

As a non-Torontonian, I really get irritated when the Toronto Star or well meaning Toronto MPs like Olivia Chow call for a national strategy for things that are a local jurisdiction like drinking water and urban transit.

Obviously, the federal government has a impact on local urban transit. It subsidizes some electric and hybrid cars. The Canadian Housing and Mortgage Corporation enables people to buy big houses. Unlike in the USA, in Canada there is no federal capital gains tax on owner occupied homes. And here and there the federal government gives grants to local transit authorities, as compensation for over-charging with the gas tax (meant for Via Rail and the Trans-Canada Highway).

But the Moncton city council isn't going to coordinate transit spending with Ontario or the City of Toronto. So lets be clear. I think what people in Toronto mean when they say "national" is in fact "federal". The federal government can have strategies on whatever it wants. Local jurisdictions in Canada have taxing authority. They don't need the federal government meddling in their jurisdiction, strategy or not. 

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