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  • 14:15 @WaspyRedhead The biggest US budget item is the military. An independent Texas would probably spend huge amounts on defence... #
  • 14:26 @aplusk I suspect Kutcher is a fan of Weeds (the show). #
  • 02:24 @WaspyRedhead I took me a while, but I finally realized you ment secession/separation/independance. #
  • 02:32 @ivysmith You lost me. How did you arrive at that number? #
  • 02:35 This made me smile RT @backwerds: theory. everybody has one--- what's yours? #
  • 02:36 And yet you are my favourite twitter RT @KristinsAwesome: Kristin Tullis is ranked 1,370,434th on twitterholic! (by followers) #
  • 02:49 The Milion man march for white people. Our own Louis Farakhan RT @aplusk: thanks for getting it tinyurl.com/dhjov5 #
  • 03:23 Congrats @aplusk, one small tweet for a man, one meaningless twitter for humanity. twitpic.com/3fzs1 #
  • 03:32 0.017% of the world follow @cnnbrk on Twitter. Fewer than actor @aplusk . twitpic.com/3g02j #
  • 03:48 @kingsthings 1000,000 people, in the entire world, follow @cnnbrk. Not so sure that is something to brag about. twitpic.com/3g0ku #
  • 04:15 @mikekochansky For a split second I thought you had hacked my webcam and posted a picture of my appartment... er, of my servant's quarters. #
  • 04:22 The federal (progressive) NDP more popular in Quebec than the governing Conservatives! #
  • 04:26 So @aplusk is the first person/entity/PR firm/avetar to reach 1 million followers. But who will be the first to follow 1 million tweeters? #
  • 04:30 4PM Hawaii time. Oprah will have written a book by then! RT @KHONnews: @oprah tmrw on KHON2 at 4pm. she'll b twittering w/ @aplusk #
  • 04:57 Dear spammers, do not bother following me, I will block you. Mostly to reduce my urge to hunt you down and murder you. Self defense. #
  • 04:59 If a tree falls in a forest and @aplusk doesn't tweet about it, did it really happen? #
  • 05:01 Hey all you selfish iPhoners, this is your fault RT @WSJ: Sony Ericsson Posts Loss, Cuts 2000 Jobs bit.ly/UK9Z #
  • 05:06 "Hey Big Fig, the fuzz is coming. Drop the package at JL's." As a member of the Hell's Angels part deux(TM), I find Twitter quite usefull. #
  • 05:14 As I'm in Moncton, is it OK to follow a teen twitter located in Singapor? Or is it still creapy? (Note to self, remove from iPhone b4 going) #
  • 05:17 Is there a way to jump to tweets from prime time? I'm getting tired of reading tweets from 4AM losers. ;-) #
  • 05:20 @DearRobot I did not see that coming. #
  • 06:36 @emoltzen Wakes you up? How does that work? #
  • 06:41 Dowloading movies "Everybody does it" RT @bbcbreaking: Pirate Bay founders jailed: news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/8003799.stm #
  • 06:49 RT @DearRobot: (@apiphile) Dear coworker: the word is "ask" not "axe", to axe something is a different verb entirely. #
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