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  • 02:38 @ivysmith I forgot my iPod touch at Subway. 10 minutes later it was still there. I can relate. #
  • 02:42 @TheEllenShow I'm no longer following you. It's not you it's me. (Although I perversly want you go drop back below 1 million followers). #
  • 03:43 @kingsthings They bill you later. #
  • 04:39 An ammo shortage? RT @KHONnews: Gun owners buy ammunition at a rapid pace resulting in a nationwide ammo shortage.More at 10 #
  • 04:40 Me want election to vote NDP RT @ujjaldosanjh: ready for election combat .BUT I KNOW CANADIANS DO NOT WANT ONE right now. #
  • 04:51 @jennamacneil Free wifi on the "Express" line thay goes between Costco and Wal-Mart (via downtown). Take that Fredericton (spits on floor). #
  • 04:53 @jennamacneil Glad you ain't doing that from Toronto. (Acadie Nouvelles has a columnist in... Montreal) #
  • 04:57 @mrobinson85 It kills me that businesses in Hub such as Tim Hortons won't post their hours. As if to say:"we are open when we feel like it" #
  • 05:12 How come Mars gets a month but the earth only gets a day? Happy Earth Day. Resume your evil subburban lifestyle Thursday. #
  • 05:19 @mrobinson85 There were articles in January about Vidéotron complaining about unfair telecoms slowing network construction. #
  • 05:21 @heatheranne If they really cared about the environment, Loblaws would charge for parking. #
  • 05:27 I wonder if it bugs @oprah that 16 year old @mileycyrus has more followers. #
  • 05:42 @jasonmerling Who, Bell? LMAO! Hope you like Indians (unless you speak French). #
  • 05:52 @Rootchan I thought Bell throttled torrents for resellers of its service. #
  • 05:57 @mutovkin I don't want to second guess your decision, but how much will a rooftop antenna cost? Isn't cable/satellite more cost effective? #
  • 06:04 @grazen Does Hulu work in Canada? By the way, you still nead Internet for Hulu type sites. Ted Rogers' kids win. #
  • 06:18 Amunition shortage in the US because of hoarding, according to Hawaii TV. I think I'll vacation in Cuba. bit.ly/aOJC8 #
  • 06:33 Quiz: How many current world leaders are racial minorities in their own country? Hint, Blacks are not a minority in South Africa. #
  • 06:36 If the government bonded former criminals, they would be more employable and less likely to reoffend. #
  • 06:44 US sends billions in military aid to Sri Lanka. No, wait, that is to Israel. #
  • 06:48 If there are 3 times more people in Sri Lanka than there are in Israel + Palestine, shouldn't we care 3 times as much? #
  • 06:56 @cr0vax Sorry, Sarkozi is not part of a racial miniority in my book (race is an opinion, not a science). Dito for whites in South America. #
  • 07:01 @joshsieg Well, if you are going to steal, might as well shoptlift the games at Wal-Mart. At least that way the game programers still get $. #
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