Holy Mackerel, MP Calls me Racist!

I am thinking about Sri Lanka burning and this govt not giving a hoot. Since I grew up in that part of the world I can't stop thinking about
12:21 AM Apr 24th from mobile web

Ujjal Dosanjh

@ujjaldosanjh You live in Canada now. You want to care about the other side of the world, do it on your own dime.
2:01 AM Apr 24th from Tweetie in reply to ujjaldosanjh

@altavistagoogle You will not say that to white guy worrying abt the world . Expand your horizon.May do you some good.
about 7 hours ago from mobile web

Ujjal Dosanjh

Ujjal Dosanjh says Canada should care about Sri Lanka because he is from that region. He provides no other reason why Canada should care more about Sri Lanka's civil war than any other domestic conflict around the world. Does he advocate that Canada get involved in Spain's fight with Basque separatists/ETA? The Kurd's violent struggle for independence from Turkey? Has he warranted peace talks between France and Corsica? Suggested Canada solve the troubles in Northern Ireland? Has Ujjal Dosanjh writen to Obama about Puerto Rico's lack of federal voting rights?

No, he has not. He advocates that the government of Canada be somehow involved (he doesn't provide details) in the civil war in Sri Lanka. I say Canada should do nothing in the case of Sri Lanka. Just as Canada is wisely doing nothing in the aforementioned conflicts. 

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