Zionism is a Bad Idea

Zionism, a religious-political movement advocating the concentration of Jews in Israel, is the source of a huge amount of grief. Imagine if there was a Catholic movement advocating the return of Catholics to the UK. Or in the contemporary context, encouraging Catholics to move to Italy. Zionism makes no sense.

It was allowed to happen because of the horrors of the holocaust. But when you think about it, that is exactly why it shouldn't have been allowed to happen. It is a lot easier to commit genocide when you have a large concentration. A couple of nuclear bombs on Israel, and you have murdered 40% the world's Jewish people!

If concentrating Jews in Israel wasn't bad enough, the insistence on adopting Hebrew instead of the local Arabic is the real kicker. That language is being used to exclude local Arabs, politically and economically. It shows the blind arrogance of the movement, with no allowance for getting along with others.

After the NAZIs tried to rid Europe of Jews, by scarring them away and then murdering them, Zionist took up the challenge and have been actively encouraging the surviving European Jews to migrate to Israel.  

So this is what I think Canada should do:

Encourage Israelis to move to Canada. Be Jewish in Canada

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