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  • 14:27 @cr0vax Juste pour être claire, le chiac est un dialecte de Shediac-Moncton. Le mélange de langues, c'est universel. #
  • 14:32 You know you are doing somethig wrong when RT @nytimes: McCain Backs Obama on Blocking Abuse Photos bit.ly/YWcU8 #
  • 14:47 @jennamacneil How many people in Moncton have Scotish heritage?Most have French and English(Loyalist)?I'll check phone bk for Mcs and Macs. #
  • 21:00 @cr0vax "Il habite en Nouvelle-Écosse, il ne parle donc pas le même chiac que moi". Phrase que j'ai entendu à Moncton. :-) #
  • 06:08 @cr0vax Ton twhirl me tanne. Il n'inclue pas un lien vers le message que tu réponds. Pourtant @zecool utilise twhirl et il y a les liens. #
  • 06:11 @bryansaxton Wrong/nope/fail. See, I have a "in reply to" link so people know what message I'm referring to. When you put .@ , you don't. #
  • 06:17 @bryansaxton This was the last update you posted where people can click on the link to know what you are replying to. #
  • 06:19 So according to Twitter's blog. I was among only 3% of users who had enabled the view all conversations option. BS! #fixreplies #
  • 06:26 @Lisa_McGauley According to Twitter,they screwed up the communication, not the removal of a feature people wanted! Argh! Morons! #fixreplies #
  • 06:31 @Frontieruk The irony is that if you don't follow someone, but read their page on the interweb, you still have access to the conversations. #
  • 06:36 Is anybody getting value from Super Channel (SC). I have to call Rogers to remove it. About $17 a month too much in my opinion. #
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