In New Brunswick, Victoria Day is not a paid Public Holiday But Stores Must Close

Argh! Why is this so damn complicated? Monday, Victoria Day, is not a public holiday as defined by the Employment Standards act (see .pdf fact sheet ) . Nor is boxing day. Folks lucky enough to work under federal jurisdiction (banks, telecommunications, rail), will get a paid day off. But if those folks want to shop on Victoria day, they are out of luck. The reason for that is quite simple: The Days of Rest Act . That act says that no person shall,on a prescribed day of rest,(a) carry on retail business, or (b) admit the public to any premises where a retail business is carried on. With the exception of garden centres, book stores and convenience stores, all stores will therefore be closed Monday. But here is the kicker: employees who have the day off won't get paid!

What kind of crazy province do I live in?

By the way, this is something I've never figured out. How come companies like Sitel operate under provincial legislation when 95% of their business is replacing banking and telecommunication workers?

Now to find out if I can shop in Nova Scotia or PEI Monday. 

Update: Nova Scotia stores are open on Victoria day as are stores in Prince Edward Island (PEI). By the way, today is the first Sunday shopping day of 2009 in PEI. This privilege is extended until Christmas. Hat tip to the Retail Council of Canada (for the links only, information is out of date).

Home Depot has a nice chart of Victoria Day hours across the country. According to that chart, Victoria day should be renamed Ontario-New Brunswick-Newfoundland day. Although since New Brunswick retail workers don't get paid, perhaps Ontario-Newfoundland day would be more appropriate. 

Future Shop concurs (what was I thinking reading legislation?).

May 18 - Victoria Day.

All Stores are closed in Ontario*, Newfoundland and New Brunswick.

All stores are open for regular store hours in Quebec.

Stores are open 12-6pm in Manitoba**, Nova Scotia, PEI and 10-6pm in BC, Alberta***, Saskatchewan.

* Except 12-5pm in Windsor, 10-6pm in Kinston, 12-5pm in Niagara, 11-7pm in Downtown Toronto.
** Except 9-6pm in Pembina.
*** Except 9:30-6pm in Northland and 10-7pm in Grand Prairie.

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