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The former Punky Brewster  tweeted the following:  Just spilled a soda on my lap top and my first thought was."Oh no, my twitter!!! Thankfully my computer is okay. Then she asked: 

Question of the late night or early morning. What is the clumsiest thing that you can remember doing?

Some of these responses made me laugh out loud (LOL).

devanieangel @moonfrye When I was 14 I fell down while putting on my pants, dislocated my knee and was in a full-leg cast for 6 weeks.

WOLVERINE2068 @moonfrye breaking a new tv

FreddieM @moonfrye forgetting to put on the condom

LizeU @moonfrye I use to waitress and dropped a jug of beer on a customer.He wasn't happy with me but still gave me a nice tip.lol

MaryBologna @moonfrye Pickd up 5 yr old nephew from pre-k for 1st time.acted like he didnt know me.Teacher asked if i was stranger,he gave no answer. Embarrassing!

insanejmz @moonfrye Knocked over a friends Grandmothers urn, dumping the ashes all over the carpet.

alyssesmommy @moonfrye having a race with my 4 year old . turning to see if she was catching up.. and I ran into a metal pole!!

Sherka1 @moonfrye Falling off the sidewalk! LOL!

Richmac33 @moonfrye I split my pants from stem to stern when praying for people at church. I did it at the first person and there were 100 left to go!

ryoung77 @moonfrye Didn't see the tree branch. Kick ball. Ricochet.Head trauma

KansasLady51 @moonfrye i wanted to be a ballerina so my brother put 2 tupperware glasses on my feet, well lets just say "fire dept" had to cut them off

tschaber @moonfrye today, in fact, I tumbled all the way down the stairs in my house...desperately clinging to my new MacBook the entire way down!

ChristineVee @moonfrye Closing the car trunk on my head.

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