iPhone Maker Using Slave Labour

16 year old teens working for free, including nights. Ironically, that is the case of many teens in Ontario, where a volonteer internship is mandatory. But from a French perspective, the Chinese situation is unacceptable. The frech version of this report was shown on French TV news.

French version (same, but easier to understand if you speak French).

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Skinny Dipper said...

I do think volunteering is great. However, getting students to volunteer is not really volunteering. It's free labour for someone.

I do remember a few years ago volunteering with a youth group as an adult. Our group had high school "volunteers" participate with us. One big problem was that these volunteers were putting in their time. Their performance was lacking. They didn't really want to be there. I finally said to the high school volunteers to fill out their volunteer sheet. I would sign it right away. They could choose to stay or leave. I did tell them to be reasonable when listing their hours. It wouldn't look good if they volunteered for 40 hours on a Saturday.


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