Alberta and Atlantic Canada Should become One

As you know, many people born in Atlantic Canadians now live in Alberta. A recent unfortunate example of this is an elderly lady who's entire family is in Alberta. She moves to Alberta to be close to them. She gets a stroke. Alberta then tells her to move back to New Brunswick!

Some of the Atlantic provinces finance a high portion of their provincial budgets with money from the federal government. Its a glaring example of taxation without representation. 

Solution: merger. Atlantic Canada; Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick and Alberta should become one province. I suggest we call it Altica

Altica advantages:
-Federal government equalization payments to the Atlantic region would be eliminated
-Expensive Edmonton civil service jobs could be moved to cheaper locations out east. 
-Easier to find French teachers familiar with the local curriculum
-Rich Albertans could retire by the ocean side without worrying about different taxes and healthcare levels. 
-Beer, wine and hard liquor would be sold in convenience stores.
-Albertans would learn to relax, New Brunswickers would gain a work ethic.

What other advantages to you see?

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