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We don't pay for maps or encyclopedias any more, why should we pay for news or, worse, opinions?

Pay for news if you want, but I prefer to spend my money on food, rent and the occasional beer. 

Here is my list of free news (keep in mind you might end up buying what is being advertised):

-The Guardian (London, England)
-The New York Times (just delete the part to the right of html in the address bar)
-The Wall Street Journal (just google the title of the article you want to read). 
-The Daily Mail (London, England)
-Page 3 Girls (Boobs from The Sun, UK)
-The Telegraph (London, England)

-The Halifax Chronicle Herald
-CBC New Brunswick (for the CBC, your taxes may be at work)
-CBC Nova Scotia
-Radio-Canada Acadie (French, mostly New Brunswick)
Quebec in French:
-Le Soleil (Quebe City)
-La Presse (Montreal)
-Le Droit (Ottawa-Gatineau)

Quebec in English:
-The Gazette (Montreal Region)
-Off Island News (Not Montreal, but close)
-West Island News (Not Montreal, but closer)

-Ottawa Citizen
-Toronto Star

-Fort McMurray (aka Fort McMoney, aka Wood Buffalo)

Entertainment News
-Lindsay Lohan (TMZ)

Alright, this got boring. I'll finish this later. I can't believe some people do this writing thing for a living all day. ;)

Please let me know if I added one of those 5 article max sites by accident.

-My TV 2012 list of links.
  1. Free online news era on its way out - CNN.com

    10 Dec 2012 – Howard Kurtz says newsgathering costs money, and outlets are trimming reporters and slipping behind paywalls to raise revenue.
  2. All Indian newspapers links - read free online news

    All Indian languages newspapers links Read India's Regional Newspaper's News without downloading their fonts in Tamil, Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, Malayalam, ...
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    List of Online Newspapers - The best online newspapers all countries - All onlinenewspapers are carefully selected, all have free access to todays breaking ...
  4. Thousands of Online Newspapers on the Web : World Newspaper ...

    Listing of 10000 newspapers from around the world, searchable by country and then by publication.
  5. Watch Live tv news tv channels online free

    Watch your favorites Online TV tv channels live online free streming watch ddnews ,ndtvnews , zee news online free streaming , english news, bbc news, star ...

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