Boycott Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Paraguay

If yellow fever and rampant crime aren't enough to stop you from visiting the south of the equator part of South America, try entry fees.

An entry fee! At least requiring a visa fee has some semblance of being rational (you know, to cover the paperwork involved). But charging an entry fee that varies based on your citizenship? That is just wrong.

And what does Argentina expect? That we are going to lobby our government to stop requiring a visa for Argentinians? Canadians know that Argentina is poor and Canada is rich. Stinking rich, actually. Not rich enough that we need to import labour for basic activities like Saudi Arabia does. But rich enough that we don't go to poor countries like Argentina to look for work.

Granted, the fee is a relatively small percentage of what travelling to Argentina would cost. But if you want to do a multi-country tour, it adds up. 

So Canadians, go to Venezuela, Bolivia (you need a vaccine), Ecuador, Uruguay and Peru. Boycott Brasil, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile.

The BBC has all the fee the details

*Canada doesn't require a visa from South Koreans. So perhaps those countries really do think Canada will change its visa policy.

Remember, stay strong. You can resist! :)


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