Will This Affect The Price of Beer?

Are rich people more likely to be alcoholic than poor people? No, than why oh why is a minimum price of beer or spirits supposed to be a good thing? I just came back from Miami where beer is significantly cheaper than here in New Brunswick. Does Florida have a higher rate of alcoholism than New Brunswick?

Minimum prices and surtaxes for alcohol products is a bad idea. It does not reduce consumption. It just makes drugs look cheaper.

Think about it. By that logic, government should increase taxes for the poor so they don't have enough left over after rent and food to splurge on beer. It is just crazy. Makes no sense. Worse, the LCBO system already distorts costs by making beer the same price all across the province. That makes beer in some parts of Ontario cheaper than juice!

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Anonymous said...

Do you know that many of your post titles have typos?

Atantic Canada?

Bemefits Ontario?

Don't you read before posting?


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