Visual Proof Lesley Arfin is Not Racist

Proof Lesley Arfin is not homophobic.
I just finished watching the first two episodes of Girls on HBO. It is TV (with nudity), but enjoyable. It is like that showed Bored to death, but less boring with pretty women.

It has been criticized because most people in the show are White. Friends or Seinfeld White (but no Jews). I honestly hadn't noticed. 99% White is my daily existence here in Moncton. But, yeah, New York, where the show is set, is much more diverse.

(Lesley Arfin on the right with at least one non-White person, stolen from here).
One of the writers, Lesley Arfin, has a nasty tendency to make some racist jokes. Let me correct that: racist jokes about Blacks. But it is OK, the President is Black. Right? Yeah, no. Sorry.

Update: Here is Lesley Arfin hanging out with red heads. Visual proof she is not a gingerist

Here is visual proof Lesley Arfin is not a francophobe, as she lives up the street from Poutine.

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And her letter carier is Black (and oddly fat!)...

Update: Lesley Arfin with Black person at a party (the lack of smile is out of respect). Lesley Arfin's sister using the N word. Lesley Arfin only likes to write about herself, so expect Girls (HBO) to reflect her non racist racist views.

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Anonymous said...

If you're referring to the dudes, clearly they're just whites with tans.


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