BellAliant Ad Men Fail At Advertising

Looking for Geneviève Sabourin's New York Post cover (for falling for Alec Baldwin), I came across this ad for BellAliant. Very few people watch Mad Men. Trying to get people to fork over $133 a month for fibre optics, by linking it to a show few people are fans of, is, in my mind, a complete advertising failure.

Worse, if you are a fan of Mad Men, the link of the ad just brings you the regular BellAliant website. No mention of Mad Men or how fibre optics will get you "more" of it.

The answer, of course, is you can (presumably) watch Mad Men on demand with BellAliant's Fibre Op. You could do that with Rogers and Eastlink cable, but you can't with Bell's satellite or BellAliant's IPTV.

So there it is Mad Men fans. The exact same quantity of show as on cable, but more expensive. Even Don Draper would have trouble selling that. 

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