Save Canada!

Time to get serious about saving the country, because next thing you know ships from Ontario will need an armed escort from Cornwal to Gaspé.

-Aboriginals are exempt from taxes because we stole their country. Fair enough. But the English stole it from the French. So yeah, exempt French speaking people from taxes.

Most English Canadians don't really consider the sons and daughters of immigrants as "English Canadian". But Quebeckers do. So whatever. From now on, all immigrants need to speak French before they move to Canada.

-Land and People
Give Wood Buffalo (the oil sands) to Quebec. That's 66,000 more people to convince Quebec should be a country. And there is no way Quebec is going to say no to jurisdiction over Wood Buffalo. Alberta might scream bloody murder, but it is for the good of the country. Quebec still claims a giant chunk of Labrador. Lets give it all to them. 26,000 more people to convince. 

Any other positive suggestions to keep Canada whole?

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