Tweets of the PT Cruiser Bank Robber

Edited on 2012-03-08 at 15:34 to reflect Meghan is actually a Blackberry user, not an iPhone user.

Meghan Darcy Melnyk, the new age bank robber:  Drives a PT Cruiser and reads The Economist.

Meghan Darcy Melnyk allegedly robbed a bank. She was caught with the disguise, the knife and all the money, so I use term "allegedly" because of my love of TMZ. Meghan also appears to enjoy TMZ type entertainment. Last year she tweeted: "  Drink of choice tonight- a #lindsaylohan : a redheaded-slut dropped in coke. "

PT Cruiser
Last time I was in Calgary, my rental was a PT Cruiser. I loved my PT Cruiser. If I was going to rob a bank in Alberta in the dead of Winter, I totally would have used my PT Cruiser rental. Granted, back then the car did get you noticed. People would pass me and shake their heads, truckers would talegate and, the worse, other PT Cruiser owners would talk to me (one guy told me his was in storage for the Winter).  Now we know, the Calgary police can spot a PT Cruiser from the air. Thousands of pick-up trucks in Calgary, but very few PT Cruisers... 

Student Government
I was also involved in student government. We had to fire one person from the executive (the religion department student representative), because he accepted a free flight in exchange for being bumped off a flight from Halifax. I guess he felt it was a gift from God, but my colleagues felt it was a gift from Air Canada and should not be used for personal gain (I voted against his firing). So I get the sense of entitlement one can gain from being in student office (although I personally didn't get any flights or bank money, I did get a couple of totally deserved free slices of pizza). There was some other alledged corruption against the guy heading the campus environmental group (he later represented Green Peace). The girl from History alleged, but never proved, he robbed some mugs meant for fundraising. I thought my student colleagues were quick to judge. Two members of the student executive at the time went on to become Parti Québécois Members of the Legislative Assembly.

Bank Robbing
Like Meghan, I've also thought about robbing a bank. The 50% success rate is less than ideal, but they have money and I don't.

What I'm saying is I can relate. I envy my former colleagues who went on to represent Greenpeace and be elected members of the Legislative Assembly of Quebec. Suddenly working in a call centre isn't the worse scenario. I could have ended up in jail. Or, worse, as in the case of Meghan, on bail awaiting trial at my aunt's! And frankly,  she deserves it. I can morally justify robbing a Toronto based bank, but a credit union?

Here are her tweets (taken from Google's Cache)

  1. Alberta Student Summit breaks for lunch #samru #asec #caus #agc http://twitpic.com/62kx2b  via Twitpic
  2. Drink of choice tonight- a #lindsaylohan : a redheaded-slut dropped in coke.  via Twitter for BlackBerry®
  3. Dear #MRU students, I will endeavour to live up to your expectations and serve you to the best of my ability as the next #SAMRU president.  via web
  4. @MontyG_MRU thanks monty!  via Twitter for BlackBerry®
  5. #samru election results are in!  via Twitter for BlackBerry®
  6. I was elected for 2011/2012 President as #SAMRU  via Twitter for BlackBerry®
  7. Two hours left to vote in the #SAMRU elections! come on #MRU students, have your say!  via web
  8. Last day to vote in#SAMRU elections! come on #MRU students, have your say! I will continue to fight for you on-parking, transit, textbooks!  via web
  9. Hey @_MichelleDennis and @kylemacquarrie and other #samru candidates, come out to Students' Council meeting tonight! 4:30, council chambers via web
  10. @HeatherMLA I am indeed! I bet you are too with all the hoopla at the Leg!  via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to HeatherMLA
  11. At #MRU going to see residence students and talking to them about the issues they are facing. tweet me if I missed you! #samru #vote  via web
  12. Running for President of #SAMRU! please get out and vote online www.samru.ca/vote  via web
  13. “@TheEconomist: The global economy How to stop a currency war http://bit.ly/a6kwxr” @jonesimedes interesting but not new ideas.  via Twitter for iPhone
  14. Trying to reconnect with myself.  via web
  15. I think it is #superhappyfunday at #samru via web
  16. Had a great meeting with mayoral candidate @nenshi talking about secondary suites and voter accessibility.  via Twitter for BlackBerry®
Did you see number 14 and 15, she reads the Economist!

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