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Thanks to the Romans, the Northern Marina Islands and j.mp, there is a new way to get to this blog: j.mp/iPadIII (yes, j.mp/iPad3 was already taken). So now you have no excuses. Sure, you could simply Google altavistagoogle, buy why give Google the satisfaction, they are already taking a cut of the advertising on MY blog (seems unfair, even if they are hosting it and dealing with advertisers).

You can also arrive at my blog using Bing (if that is your default search engine and you don't know how to change it). Same key word: altavistagoogle. But I say it is cooler to get here with j.mp/iPadIII

So now that you are here, you probably want some content. Let's see, TV, politics and public transportation. 
-TV: Go to tvo.org to watch some pretty engrossing documentaries (they also have an iPad app). I can recommend the one about waiters.
-Politics: Romeo Saganash is my favourite in the NDP leadership race. Unfortunately, he isn't the best public speaker. But I still think he'd make a good Prime Minister.
-Public Transportation: The Intercity bus drivers of Acadian Bus in New Brunswick are still in lockout after rejecting a 0% raise. The city bus drivers in Halifax are on strike, but not sure what the details there are. I'm all for labour rights, but something has go to give here. People need the bus!

More TV. I've already posted my season favourites at j.mp/aaa2011, but to that I have to add Last Man Standing with Tim Allen and the beautiful (Youtube) 25 year old Molly Ephraim.


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