Canadian Hulu Spring 2012

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A very slight update to my Canadian Hulu 2011 list (this season's Pan Am, Weeds and Terra Nova are over, I've added Last Man Standing, Merci... ,TVO docs, Mr. D, Artic Air, Ben City and Pérusse cité). Am I missing any? Also, if you have Netflix, check out Lilyhammer (trailer). If you have HBO online (via a friend's login): Life's Too Short with Ricky Gervais.

-Desperate Housewives (CTV)
-Merci les enfants vont bien (tou.tv)
-Artic Air (CBC)
-Mad Men Season 5

-The Simpsons (Global Sunday night or iTunes)
-Mr. D. (CBC)
-Last Man Standing (City)
-Ben City (CBC)
-Pérusse cité (tou.tv)
-The Office (Global)
-30 Rock (City)
-Parks and Recreation. (City)
-The Big Bang Theory (CTV)
-Modern Family (City)
-Suburgatory (City)
-Raising Hope (City)
-The Daily Show (CTV)
-Saturday Nigth Live (Global)
-The Rick Mercer Report (CBC)
-Et Dieu créa, Laflaque (SRC)
-Acadieman (Télévision Rogers)
-Whitney (CTV)

-The Amazing Race (CTV)

-Hockey Night in Canada (CBC), click with your glasses off so you don't see the score (or watch live).

-Doczone (CBC)
-The Fifth Estate (CBC)
-The Nature of Things (CBC)
-The Passionate Eye (CBC)
-60 Minutes (CBS)
-Frontline (PBS). Some episodes not available in Canada.
-Nova (PBS). Some episodes not available in Canada.
-Documentaires de Radio-Canada.
-La facture (SRC)
-Découverte (SRC).
-TVO Documentaries. (tvo)

-Diggnation (HTML 5, plays on iPad).
-Tech News Today, etc. (Twit.tv)

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