Tablet Wars

I like wars wear humans don't die. Although if people lose their job and the country doesn't provide a social safety net, they could actually starve or freeze to death (or if they lose their healthcare benefits and are/get sick). But lets agree that fewer people will die in the tablet war than in, say, the American Civil war. That's a safe bet, I think (people do die mining for all those rare minerals... ).

Prices including New Brunswick's 13% HST.
-32GB iPad2: $699.47 (taxes incl.).
-32GB Sony: $678 (taxes incl.)
-32GB Blackberry Playbook: $677.99 (taxes incl.).
-32GB Motorolla Xoom: $565 (taxes incl.)
-32GB Toshiba: $565 (taxes incl.)
-16GB Samsung Galaxie Tab: $565 (taxes incl.)
-32GB Acer Iconia: $452 (taxes incl.)
-0.5GB Viewsonic View Pad: $334 (taxes incl). 
-6 inch,1GB Kobo eReader, Touch Edition: $158.20 (taxes incl)
-6 inch Kindle (at Staples): $179.67 (taxes incl).
-3.5 inch, 32GB iPod touch: $360.47 (taxes incl).
-Future 7 inch 6GB colour Kindle: $282.50 (taxes incl), subject to change (and regional availability).

As you probably know, HP has decided to stop making the HP Touchpad. Then they decided to sell them for $100 and $150. Now everybody wants one, and people are paying between $300 and $400 on ebay and various sites like Craigslist and Kijiji...

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