Attention Employees: There are Gummy Worm Thieves Among Us!

"It has come to my attention that there are thieves among us; this is never a good thing".

Do you have a gummy worm theft problem in your office? Apparently, I do. I'm pretty sure my boss has an office memo quota because his latest is about gummy worm thieves with a sincere promise to eventually catch and fire them. "These individuals have to go, they will eventually get caught".

But according to the memo, "these individuals are difficult to detect and catch" (the entire office is covered with video surveillance, ostensibly to prevent data theft). If you have any tips on how to catch an office gummy worm thief, I'd like to know so I can collect some brownie, err, gummy points with my boss.

I've never tried a gummy worm, but they must be amazing if people are willing to risk their job over them!

Here are some gummy worm thieves I found on the Internet:

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