Online Movies in Canada

Here is a list of legal online movie sources for Canadians:

Like with alcohol, know your limit! Most Internet providers have bandwidth buckets. You go over, you will pay much, much more. And yes, streaming movies counts. As a guideline, figure about 600mb per movie. Double for HD (5GB with the PlayStation Store!)

-iTunes: Rent or purchase, computer, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, English, French (limited selection), HD (720p)
-Play Station Store: Rent or purchase. PS3, English, French, HD 1080p (large files), taxes included in price.
- Netflix: Subscription, computer, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PS3, Xbox360, Wii (in 480p), some Blu-Ray players and other devices, English, French (very limited selection). Control over resolution and compression (file size) in account settings.
-Crackle: Free, ad supported, computer, iPad, English.
-Youtube, rent, computer, Android tablet and phones, English, interface available in French, 480p. 
-http://www.nfb.ca/ , good luck finding anything worth watching, but you paid for it (via federal taxes). 

-Rogers On Demand Online, ad supported, limited selection for non-cable subscribers.
-Shaw subscribers: vod.shaw.ca
-Bell TV: Bell TV subscribers: http://tvonline.bell.ca

Do you know of any others?

Here is a list of Canadian Internet service providers (ISP) that don't charge for bandwidth overages:

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