A Sitcom About Call Centres! NBC Outsourced

NBC will have sitcom set in a call centre, called Outsourced. A call centre!

Even after watching this preview, I still can't believe it.

I loved Scrubs, Yes Minister, The Office and, especially, Parks and Recreation. Shows I could hysterically relate to. However, I don't know about a show set in a call centre. I mean, working in a call centre sucks, big time! Imagine if Honeymooners was set on a bus or in the sewers. Even in Taxi, the only person "working" was Louis de Palma, the dispatcher. Most of the show was about the drivers on break, not working.

One Night at the Call Center: A NovelStill, call centres are part of our lives (even if you haven't had the misfortune of working in 20 like me). I try to avoid them like the plague by communicating online as much as possible, but even I have to call one once in a while.

I look forwards to laughing, and an extra dose of sympathy from friends and family who will have a better idea of how I earned a meager earning all those years.


Greg said...

I can't believe many Americans will want to watch a show about people who have taken "their" jobs. I give it about 3 weeks.

April said...

My job is being outsourced and I am one of the few having to train them on how to take my job!!! My mom told me about this show and said it was just like what I have been describing for the last month. I think it is sad what entertainment has come to!Of course I guess this could be considered reality...


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