Gizmodo Fails at Kobo Pricing

Gizmodo said: 
The Borders-backed Kobo eReader is officially on pre-order to be delivered by June 17. It's not as flashy as a Kindle or nook, but the barebones platform is only $150. Drop that price to $99, and Borders may find itself a market.

Where does this magic $99 number come from? Are there any other products that people buy at $99 but not $101? Obviously, more people would buy the Kobo eReader if it were cheaper. But to say that the market is at $99 and not $149 is pure nonsense. 

At $149, the Kobo eReader is by far the cheapest ereader on the market (even cheaper than an iPod Touch).  It is flying off the shelves at Canadian Chapters, Coles and Indigo book stores (same owner), and there is a 3 week waiting period when you buy it online from Canada.

According to my Twitter research, women are buying the Kobo eReader (unlike the iPad). That is good for us geeks, because the Kobo requires a computer, and therefor a man to help out. :-)

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