• 10:29 @samatlounge The Kobo eReader is only available in Canada right now. USA this summer. I tried it at the store yesterday. It is OK. $149. #
  • 12:23 @leeannburke You might want to check availability first. Only 1 Coles has any Kobe eReaders in Ottawa. And it has 1 ! indigo.ca #
  • 12:28 I wonder what Chapters employees think of the Kobo eReader being displayed in stores. Probably "Thank God this job isn't for ever". #
  • 12:31 @thornley Are the eReaders any better than reading on an iPhone/iPod touch? You can only ingest so many words at once. < a href="http://twitter.com/Altavistagoogle/statuses/13311219570">#
  • 12:58 @leeannburke I wouldn't worry about it. Monday is a slow shopping day. #
  • 13:10 "I'm an American eh!"That's the get out of jail card you can use when in Arizona according to the Daily Show.Americans can refuse to show ID #
  • 14:04 @leeannburke I have a hard time believing you were the first. More likely you were the first this weekday Kobo eReader customer. #
  • 14:05 @leeannburke Tempted (a gadget for $150 is hard to resist), but as I don't have a purse, I think I'll stick to reading b ooks on my iPhone. #
  • 15:00 @samatlounge Yes, at C$149, the Kobo eReader is even cheaper than the iPod Touch. Should be in the UK soon enough. #
  • 15:03 Dear Internet, can the Kobo eReader render text en français (i.e French accents é è û). #
  • 15:10 @Gonzo How is it different from Nutsie's "Top 100" music app many of us already have? #
  • 23:40 Despite @mpjamesmoore, I'm cheering for the Chicago Blackhawks, the team from the East. Candiens shouldn't be exposed to Vancouver jet lag. #
  • 00:07 Now that the Olympics are over, do we really need BC? Alberta if far enough and the Rockies would make a nice border. :-) #
  • 03:21 @vshout Colour? Does the Kobo eReader even do inbook black and white pictures? #
  • 03:25 @sameerhasan Nook and iPad are only in USA, Kobo eReader only in Canada (for now). #
  • 03:26 @stmommy3 The Nook isn't sold in Canada... #
  • 03:29 @rfrancis I'll send you a Kobo eReader in exchange for an iPad . I'll e ven cover shipping! :-) #
  • 03:53 The Kobo eReader has a 3 to 5 week waiting period! I suspect they are shipping via boat instead of flying them in like IPads. #
  • 03:55 @SarahJacinta You do realise that every customer that buys a Kobo eReader is one you will never see again in the store... #
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