iPad Owners are More Likely to Vote for the NDP

Browsing the tweets on the lists of the 2500 or so iPad early adopters that I follow, I've struggled to find any trends that would justify the time I spent creating them.

You can browse these people's tweets yourselves, but to save you some time, here is my analysis: 

-95% male. You'd swear the USA was Saudi Arabia or that this was 1994 when only men used the Internet. iPad early adopters usually have their own penis
-Ages vary. The iPad craze clearly isn't generated by people in their teens. Nor is it by Baby Boomers. Although both groups are represented. Based on pictures, I'd say the average age is in early 30s. But 20 and 40 somethings are well represented.
-Urban. That's where the money is (and the people), so that's not surprising. But don't rule out small towns and far suburbs, they now have iPad owners too, just not as many.
-West coast. Probably perceptive selection on my part (and time of day/night I created my lists), but I detect that the iPad is more popular in places like San Fransisco and Seattle than say, Philadelphia and Baltimore.
-Needed for job. Many of the iPad early adopters earn their living, at least in part, thanks to computers and the Internet. In San Jose, you have the usual software suspects. In New York City, you have plenty of media workers.

That does it for the obvious/objective remarks. Take the following with a grain of salt:

-Apolitical. Without realizing, you may have pointcasted yourself into a very political corner of the Internet. The iPad owner isn't obsessed with politics. But based on the few "political" tweets, I'd say that generally, they lean to the left.
-White. There are Blacks that now have an iPad, but they are far fewer than the 250 it would have taken to reflect in my sampling their position in the USA. It would be interesting to see a racial breakdown of Twitter use. But based on the infamous hashtags that regularly trend, there are plenty of Blacks on Twitter. 
-There are 60 million people in the USA that have Spanish as a first language. I'd be willing the wager some serious cash that their demographic position isn't reflected among iPad owners.
-Educated. This observation is probably the most subjective of them all, but based on the quality and subjects of the tweets, I'd guess that most iPad owners also have a university degree. But at the other extreme, this isn't the PHD crowed. People got mighty excited at the prospect of watching ABC and Netflix movies on their new iPad. 

Man, that was the longest blog post I've made in a long time. To be honest, it was to justify the title. And the idea for the title came from http://twitter.com/Prog_Blog that conveniently lists the titles of recent blog posts on Progressive Bloggers. To my shock, only one member posted about the iPad all weekend.

If you believe in democracy and the importance of a well informed public, you believe in the Internet. The iPad is a tool that will bring the Internet to the couch. iPad owners won't all be reading the New York Times and the Huffington Post, but there is hope that there are enough well written Arabic Wikipedia articles to stop them from letting their government murder a suspected witch. Even in Saudi Arabia. 

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