• 20:12 RT @badbanana: Yesterday, I found an unmarked bathroom in the Denver airport. I just may share this secret via a moderately priced DVD. #
  • 20:19 8GB micro SD card WITH SD adapter: C$25 at theSourcecc. Almost bought one despite lack of need. Stupid iPhone. #
  • 20:21 @kbrinker You joke, but Paris used to have 1st class subway cars. #
  • 20:41 Shopping online on my iPhone, while at the mall. No food court online... #
  • 02:57 Without a contract, Bell Aliant charges $60 for 7mbps whereas Rogers charges $51.50 for 10mbps. #
  • 03:00 I don't mind signing a contract once I have a service that I know works. But signing a 12 month contract for DSL service, before trying it!? #
  • 03:07 Correction: Rogers charges $50 per month (including modem rental), not $51.50.Bell Aliant charges $10 more but you get unlimited vs. 60Gb #
  • 05:19 At least the Conservatives are honest about not doing anything to stop climate change. The Japanese INCREASED carbon emissions since Kyoto! #
  • 05:21 Canadians elected the Conservatives because they didn't want to lower carbon emissions.The Dion Liberal pro environment platform was clear. #
  • 05:22 I don't know a single Canadian doing anything to lower their carbon footprint. Not one. #
  • 05:24 ... Granted, if I left my basement bachelor apartment once in a while, perhaps I'd know more people. #
  • 05:31 They should put solar panels on private jets so rich people don't feel so guilty about destroying the planet. #
  • 05:36 I submit that lowering alcohol taxes would reduce global warming as people would drive less. They would also die younger. Win, win. #
  • 05:38 Am I the only one creeped out by the elephant in the room with regards to the obvious solution with regards to global warming. #
  • 05:39 Al Gore won the peace prise for his work telling folks about global warming. Obama won for sending carbon crazy Americans to die in war... #
  • 05:41 Nothing is more positive with regards to carbon reduction than the death of a twenty something American soldier. Except a Canadian soldier. #
  • 05:44 My best 1 RT @Altavistagoogle They should put solar panels on private jets so rich people don't feel so guilty about destroying the planet. #
  • 05:48 Have Black folks just discovered Twitter? #somethingAintRight #
  • 06:07 Should be a tool to auto-block Twitter accounts with the word "marketing" ; and "money" in the profile. I support death penalty for spammers. #
  • 06:14 With what we pay them, who needs criminals! RT @MonctonNBNews: Moncton's Mounties come out on top - Globe and Mail bit.ly/7QcZXp #
  • 06:43 @archienadon It is also the silver lining of swine flu. Per capita, Canadians are the most guilty when it comes to global warming. #
  • 06:45 @archienadon Canadians who die in Afghanistan are heroes... for dying and therefore reducing global warming... That is all. Sorry to offend. #
  • 06:51 @archienadon I did. But I'm already middle age so the positive impact of my death on climate is less than that of a young fertile soldier. #
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