• 13:53 @MikeDancy Christmas is a secular holiday like Canada Day. Every country has them. #
  • 13:59 I would like to thank the Chinese for allowing most of us to have a Christmas with plenty of presents. #
  • 14:09 China sentenced a man today to 11 years of jail for voicing his political views. (Al Jazeera) Don't take democracy for granted. #
  • 14:10 If you are working today: unionise! #
  • 14:15 @SmoovGroovs Turn the (clean) oven on, the TV, run a shower. Or open a window! 0 simpathy from this Canadian. #
  • 16:18 Confession of a Shopaholic (2009) is the best comedy of the decade. #
  • 16:21 ... Having gone bankrupt, I could relate. #
  • 16:27 @understandblue As a map geek, let me say that is the coolest thing ever. (I assume you got a GPS for Christmas.) #
  • 16:30 I love going online to find out how many Acadamy awards a movie got and realise the rest of the world hated it. Ex.: National Treasure #
  • 16:40 Breaking news: Europeans fly to Detroit. World shocked, assumes must have been emergency landing. #
  • 16:44 If you're making new decade resolutions, may I suggest resolving to use the ISO date format: yyyy-mm--dd #
  • 16:48 So wrong and yet so funny RT @badbanana: If they don't want us knocking down Popes, they shouldn't make it look so fun. #
  • 16:55 "There is no point in being clever when you want to make people lagh " (John Cleese about Fawlty Towers) #
  • 19:51 Keep a lookout for drunk drivers and Taliban tonight. Security status raised to orange from fushia. #
  • 19:53 If Coke invented Santa, who invented Jesus: Pepsi or 7up? #
  • 19:57 Fool proof money making scheme. Buy gifts cheap during boxing day, then sell them at a premium in Orthodox Greece! #
  • 20:00 With all the vacant buildings in Detroit, crashing a plane there doesn't seem like effective terrorism. #
  • 20:02 I had my freeking sunscreen confiscated, but a guy brings fireworks on a plane. He must not have been from Yemen. #
  • 20:07 @refreshingvoice I can't tell you how many times I heard the following: "my husband left me/died, so now I have to call tech support." #
  • 20:21 Failed over Detroit terrorist is Nigerian. We should retaliate by invading Poland. #
  • 20:23 Rumour has it Nigerian terrorist was a victim of an email scam. #
  • 20:32 @brightestgreen But if an old guy wearing an ugly sweater was giving basketball lessons on the Cleaveland show, would you enjoy the irony? #
  • 22:24 Note to terrorists: If you want to bomb a plane over the US, don't bord a plane that doesn't! Amsterdam-Detroit? Seriously? Buy a globe! #
  • 22:42 Detroit does have large Iraqi concentration. Iraq will soon have an election. 40 Al Queda in Yemen were killed in last week... #
  • 03:21 @MichelleSimson I fail to understand why the federal government should be paying for a gym. It clearly falls under local jurisdiction. #
  • 03:29 @foxnews How is this world-newsworthy? #
  • 03:31 @Miche lleSimson The local gyms in Moncton don't receive federal funding, why should the ones in Toronto? #
  • 04:03 Remember, if you live in New Brunswick, stay in bed today as everything is closed for Boxing Day (including stores). #
  • 06:20 @eForCity Not valid in Canada. Thanks for wasting my time. #
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