• 15:20 @ADHR Thanks to René Lévesques, Jean Chretien and Harper, Canada has a very progressive election law. Corps can't make political donations. #
  • 15:24 @charris0n If you talking about the weather, please put your location. Saying "Canada" is not enough. If you are in Victoria, for example... #
  • 15:28 @ADHR Max donation: $1100 thanks to Harper (was $3000 under Chrétien Libs). But Telus does have alot of employees in Calgary... #
  • 15:30 @ADHR Following your logic, small companies would have more say because they have m ore potental donating CEOs. (max $1100 for all). #
  • 15:39 @GusF Me -Plug in device to electricity Customer -I don't know how to do that. When you are that stupid, don't call for phone tech support. #
  • 15:44 @bgrice Leadership and nomination limit is per party. To the parties is grand total of $1100 per year. Federally. Only Quebec has similar. #
  • 15:49 @ADHR Replace CEO with "shareholder" and your argument makes more sence. Many Telus and Bell shareholders in Canada. $1100 X many thousands. #
  • 16:04 @bgrice I stand corrected. Thank you! Progressives like me can donate $1100 to the NDP and an other $1100 to the BQ! :-) #
  • 16:07 @ADHR OK, well now you lost me. All major ISPs are also wireless providers. #
  • 16:12 @GusF You can change port settings in your firewall (aka antivirus) software. Make sure that firewall isn't blocking Wordpress.(Turn it off) #
  • 16:18 @ADHR But Egyptians can't make political donations in Canada. :-) #
  • 16:29 Remember to lock in your 2009 tax deductions for political donations. Put foodbanks out of business, give to the NDP and the BQ ($1100 each) #
  • 16:30 Is there a provincial limit to political donations in NB? #
  • 16:35 When you think of the poor this Christmas,think of the dumbass Moncton city council that froze walk-up appartment building const. in RU zone #
  • 16:42 If you support lower taxes, as a non-Quebecker, giving up to $1100 per year to the BQ is your only legal means to encourage Quebec to go. #
  • 16:46 ... Think of all those abortions being preformed in Quebec with your tax dollars (via federal equalisation payments). Give to the BQ. :-) #
  • 16:51 ...If you are pro-abortion, think of all that fed equalisation money spent on $7/day daycare so single mothers can flip burgers.Give #BQ (: #
  • 1 6:56 When Quebec goes, there will be more federal equalization money for NBers. For a sustainable NB, give to the Bloc Québécois. :-) #
  • 16:59 @SheldonHood The trick is to go after supper (any day of the week). #
  • 17:03 I refuse to get out of bed when it is dark outside, even when it is 5PM. #
  • 17:07 While the rest of the world bans cell use while driving, we encorage it! RT @CBCNB: New 511 system helps N.B. motorists bit.ly/4IcZPp #
  • 17:13 According to Public Safety Minister John Foran, we should fall in line with Quebec and Nova-Scotia because we are in the middle. Cell ban? #
  • 17:25 Minus 21 windchil and all I need from grocery store is spaghetti. Sobeys should have appartments over store. Or indoor parking. #
  • 17:27 I hate going to the convenience store. I feel cheap unless I buy loterry tickets, a bag of chips and a pack of cigs. #
  • 17:30 At university residents, there was an indoor convenience store. Good old days. #
  • 17:35 Citizens of Toronto and Montreal, I declare your underground cities a good idea. Stupid Moncton forcing me outdoors. #
  • 17:39 I even envy Calgary's elevated indoor city righ t now. Minus 21 windchill in Moncton. And they want us to go outdoors! #
  • 17:44 @louispeitzman I know what you mean. I _need_ to watch 30 Rock after The Office to calm down. #
  • 17:46 @louispeitzman On the other hand I'd rather watch paint dry than 24 or the Wire... #
  • 17:49 I don't know how, but this Moncton wind is now going under ground and threw my basement wall. Major draft. Almost better off outside. Not. #
  • 17:52 If I were in Cuba, I'd be saving the planet by having the heat at home set to 5. If only there were nuclear powered planes... < a href="http://twitter.com/Altavistagoogle/statuses/6610358977">#
  • 17:56 @louispeitzman I think 30 Rock ment that Canadian Jews aren't as fat. Dam, I ment that to be sarcastic. #
  • 18:01 Americans calling Cuba rasist would be like Cubans calling America socialist. #
  • 18:04 With the exception of Venuzuella, I've never been to a more racially intergrated country. #
  • 18:09 Is it just me, or do many American sit-coms now have a token Canadian like they used to have a token Black person? #
  • 18:11 Perhaps one day there will be a Canadian in the White House. #
  • 18:22 America is racially divided. Proof: check out top two twitter trends. #whodoesthat and #Olly #
  • 18:37 In NB we pay the same, but get less RT @RogersBuzz: Rogers Cable [Ontario] Customers: 13 new HD channels added bit.ly/5fiBe8 #
  • 21:19 Bought Sony MDRV150 Studio Monitor Headphones for $14 with code 042346 (valid until midnight) from thesource.ca bit.ly/5TZHHf #
  • 21:24 Not exactly sure what the point of rogersondemand.com/ is, but since the web site has different content then via your digital box... #
  • 21:30 Being Caribou is an excellent documentary: nfb.ca/film/being_caribou/ ,or, if you distrust the government, at rogersondemand.com #
  • 21:38 Bell has an on demand web site to compensate for satellite's on demand inability, but why Rogers? TV on demand is cable's competitive adv. #
  • 21:44 rogersondemand.com only makes sense if I decide to cancel my cable tv. Thanks for giving me that option Rogers. #
  • 21:54 On a long bus trip, if you somehow manage to stay within the Rogers 3G area, the rogersondemand site might make sense bit.ly/8jpWLp #
  • 22:01 The rogersondemand web site is perfect for those who are Rogers cust. for TV or Internet, but have the Bell/Telus HSPA cell network. #
  • 22:14 Forget those web sites I gave you earlier, view "Being Caribou" on my blog! altavistagoogle.blogspot.com/2009/12/being-caribou.html #
  • 22:16 Remember, in Atlantic Canada, avoid Rogers 3G like the plague. The Bell/Telus HSPA coverage area is insanely good here. #
  • 22:42 "officers were conducting "outbound operations" What is the US, Cuba? RT @TorontoStar U.S. border guards arrest author bit.ly/7sqahS #
  • 22:44 Speculation: Obama turns US into prison state in order to stop soldiers fleeing stupid Afghan war posting. Source: bit.ly/7sqahS #
  • 23:09 @vincepower Even early iPhone 3G adopters have 19 months to go on their 3 year contract. #
  • 23:35 @vincepower How much MORE would you pay for excellent Aliant/Telus rural HSPA coverage? Probably cheaper for Rogers to give us discount. #
  • 23:50 5 episodes of Chips on rogersondemand.com ! Why not availabl e via cable TV on-demand? #
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