Tweetboard: Tweet using our blog while listening to online radio

Dear readers,

Here at Altavistagoogle, we value your loyalty, and to show that, our
team of Ajax and Flash experts have added 2 new features.

On the right you have AOL Radio (uses non-iPhone friendly Flash). For
your convenience, we have set the station to "All Micheal Jackson, all
the time". Now that he is dead, you don't have to worry about being
molested, so his music is better. But you can change the station to
anything you want! Even country music (Atavistagoogle can not be held
responsible for harm or injury caused by listening to country music
near colleagues).

On the left is a feature we are really excited about. You see the tab
on the left? No, your other left? That gives you acces to
Altavistagoogle's Tweets on Twitter. Twitter is a really complicated
service started as a co-venture between Oprah and Al Gore. The
original idea was to pomote healthy eating at KFC while saving earth
from global warming climate change.

You can now uses Twitter on our blog! Isn't that exciting! No need to
download and install Seesmic desktop or even Tweetie for iPhone. It is
all right here, on our blog. For liability reasons, you will only be
able to read our Tweets or conversations about our Tweets. But trust
us, that is the best part of Twitter anyway. Try it out, click on the
tab, it's free!

And as always, our crack team of reporters bring you the important
news of the day (right column), access to the worlds best TV (at the
bottom) and, as a bonus, a beutifull picture of scenery.

All this to make up for the lack of content. Beacause at
Altavistagoogle, we care about you.

Envoyé depuis mon iPhone / Sent from my iPhone.

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