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  • 07:35 Was Gerard Kennedy worth $124,615.38 to Ryerson? ryersonfreepress.ca/site/archives/904 #
  • 07:40 University Dropout Gerard Kennedy Afraid of Quebec Talk Show bit.ly/JkEXF #
  • 07:48 Who needs windows when you have a mayor like obvious George RT @GeorgeLeBlanc: up & at it, sun is shining on Moncton #
  • 08:18 I hate bus ads that cover windows. So the "Don't jump" is my fav. RT @jencorbett: wicked bus ads bit.ly/lRC9z #
  • 08:25 @Skivensky Well, Sarah Palin isn't really relevant to our lives in Moncton. I just admire her tweets. #
  • 08:47 Jamais. Je veux ravoir mon milliard @Ricardocuisine Écoutez-vous jamais, peu, souvent ou tout le temps l'émission de Ricardo à RADIO-CANADA? #
  • 16:39 @andrewyb Visied once with old computer. Too slow. Never returned #
  • 16:48 Amuzing if pointless article about GG cat fight RT @canadapolitics: Clarkson unimpressed with Jean's seal-eating tinyurl.com/luy2ty #
  • 16:49 @mchlldnn Passes to what? #
  • 17:00 Sounds like I got a passport for nothing RT @canadapolitics: Border cameras useless at night: report tinyurl.com/mmj3g2 #
  • 17:12 Plus d'un milliard de $ de nos impôts par année, c'est trop ! RT @koudonk: Quel avenir pour la télé publique? tinyurl.com/l32j52 #
  • 17:37 "Altavistabing" does sound better RT @nytimes: Microsoft's Request: Use Bing, Don't Google It bit.ly/jSRzU #
  • 22:48 @koudonk Je suis plutôt partisan du NPD. Je préfèrerais que l'on diminu l'impôt des pauvres. $100 par habitât, pour la SRC, c'est trop. #
  • 23:13 How I got blocked twice: 1. "Single homeowners cause global warming". 2. "The CBC/SRC isn't worth a billion a year of our tax dollars". #
  • 23:27 @wdavidwhite Which is more impressive? Grand Canyon or Lake Louise? I'm leaning twards Lake Louise as it is donkey free. #
  • 23:43 Those of you NHL fans who do not have an HD TV, get a higher paying job. You can buy my 42 inch 1080p in September. Bigger is better. #
  • 23:55 What do you figure is the back story of those empty seats in Detroit? Murdered? In jail for tax fraud? Stuck at the border? Forgot? #NHL #
  • 00:02 @darrenmrobson Yes. I almost feel guilty for not having a car. #
  • 00:03 @paulhnic Verry odd indeed. #
  • 00:17 Conservatives hate Italians RT @MinJK: Govt will restore benefits to Allied Vets, reversing Lib cuts bit.ly/kEnpG #
  • 00:28 Lol Leafs RT @davidakin: Ha! [...] Got some good news and some bad news ....twitpic.com/6dsa4 (Would love to know location of this) #
  • 00:32 Also cause of CTV $ problems :-) RT @davidakin: Dion disaster produces Senator Duffy, Martin: bit.ly/3AxcP #roft #cdnpoli #lpc #
  • 00:35 If we don't save CTV, we will have to watch "The Daily Show with John Stewart" and "The Colbert Report" on the Comedy Network. #
  • 00:40 20 more minutes of passportless entry to USA. Not quite the change we wanted, Obama. #
  • 00:47 @libradance A picture will do. #
  • 00:49 @libradance What do you know, turns out I am your neighboor! Oh, wait, thats a guy. Never mind. #
  • 01:03 RT @markhoppus: i'm writing a book called "zero followers,"it's gonna be all the gnarliest tweets that'd get you to 0 followers in one post. #
  • 01:14 Inspired by zero followers @markhoppus. Pro life this weekend kills one. But we killed thousands (of unborn babies). So we won!<dark humour #
  • 01:22 @bazmcstay Awake and cared enoungh to click on link. Video not yet iPhone compatible (I think Youtube converts them later). #
  • 01:31 @KristinsAwesome if you have your iPhone, get Tweetie. Best 3 bucks you will ever spend. #
  • 01:35 Hate and love go hand in hand. Apathy is the scary one RT @jencorbett: is it so wrong to hate your own mother? #
  • 01:44 Please use ' , not the curved one RT @macleansmag: BLOG: No, not ours. Australia's. I don't want anyo.. bit.ly/yQ8XV #
  • 01:58 Moron Test in one of the top 3 apps. Kind of fun, but I almost threw my iPhone at the wall in frustration and had to stop playing. #
  • 02:03 Hey fellow canuks, "Who killed the electric car" on Newsworld. I've seen it, but first time in HD. #
  • 02:07 Glad it is summer in Canada. RT @SkyNewsAust: Australia's swine flu cases now at 306: tinyurl.com/l2dqh5 #
  • 03:15 @GusF Issue is with Twitter, not Tweetdeck. I have same issue tonight with Tweetie for iPhone. #
  • 03:48 Hey, two-war-Obama, all we are saying is give peace a chance. #
  • 03:55 I now own 1/30,000,000 of 12.5% of GM, and yet I don't own a car. I'd like an EV3 please. #
  • 04:01 As I've been thru bankrptcy, I feel for GM (and many of it's employees who will also go bankrupt). Ironically, worse part was losing my car. #
  • 05:39 CSIS is useless. Get rid of it and lower taxes. You want to save lives, spend money to reduce work related injuries. #
  • 05:50 Why do we need spies when we have Google, Bing and Twitter Search? The "benefits" of CSIS aren't worth the cost. #
  • 05:58 Canada's useless CSIS spies make $72,000! I'm starting to get tax cheating Mulroney #
  • 06:08 @GeorgeLeBlanc Preemptive tweet. Yes, we know it is raining. You are already up and will work for the next 14 hours and accomplish nothing. #
  • 06:17 Mr Mayor, what is MAGMA? Google left me clueless. Is it Primus? A volcano?RT @GeorgeLeBlanc: Working on speech for MAGMA #
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