Monorail, Monorail, Monorail !

My little sister just returned from Orlando and advised me she didn't get me the Disney Monorail toy. So this blog post is my consolation gift to myself.

So far, I've ridden the monorail at Disney World, the one in Seattle, the one at Newark Airport, the one at Montreal's La Ronde and the one at the Granby zoo. Please do not confuse a monorail with an elevated train (like the ones in Scarborough and Vancouver). You could also argue that the train at Toronto's Pearson airport is a monorail (that I have ridden), however, for aesthetic reasons, I don't consider it a monorail.

The Simpsons Monorail Song from Marge Vs. the Monorail.

Disney Monorail Toy

Lego Monorail

Lego Monorail II

Seattle Monorail

Sydney Monorail

Mumbai Monorail

Newark Airport Monorail

The Shainghai Maglev Monorail

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