Wikipedia A-Holes Must Go

The Wikipedia board of directors has blocked http://en.wikipedia.org for today to protest some American bill that has little to no chance of being approved. Canadians, obviously, have no influence whatsoever on this matter. So why has the Wikipedia board of directors blocked Canadians from our resource?

I say "our" because we wrote it. Ours because we gave to it, with non-tax deductible donations, I might add. Give me back my Wikipedia!

Sure I speak French and can look up the non-blocked French version, but the English version has far more articles. I was able to disable Javascript for en.wikipedia.org in Chrome: wrench/ Internet Options/ Under the Hood/ Privacy: Content settings/ JavaScript: Manage Exceptions/ type en.wikipedia.org and select "block".

The power crazy Americentric board of directors must go. Vote them out. When are the elections?

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